Classic Brass

AA British-Style Brass Band



Music Director


Soprano Cornet

Solo Cornets

Repiano Cornet

2nd Cornets

3rd Cornets


Solo Tenor Horn

1st Tenor Horn

2nd Tenor Horn

1st Baritone

2nd Baritone

1st Trombone

2nd Trombone

Bass Trombone

1st Euphonium

2nd Euphonium

Eb Bass

Bb Bass


Sam Eurich

Andrew Caruk, James Gerrard, Meagan Ferreira, Maureen Murphy

Roland Chirico

Nelson Cyr, Dave Raccagni

Greg Grzywacz, Julia Caruk, Pete Olson

Corinne Zanetti

Peter Morse

Beth Pratt, Virginia Eurich

Ed Pitkin, Lucile Anderson

Matthew Ward

Barbara Ann Jensen, Maxine Marcy

Jim Lendvay

Mitch Eaffy

Mitch Mangan

Ken Garrison

Lasse Aspelin

Daniel Green, Brian McNealey

Jonathan Keen, Blake Taylor

Tory Summers, Jack Summers

In addition to the above roster of regular members of Classic Brass, many other musicians are associated with the group, either as members on leave, former members, or as occasional players. Classic Brass is most thankful for their contributions to the success of the band:

Guest Conductors


Tenor Horns




Eb/Bb Bass


Lewis Buckley, James E. Jackson III, David Maker, Kelly Watkins, Adam Williamson

Thomas H. Brown, Lewis Buckley, Lauren Churchill, Casey Dieter-Leeds, Dave Edwards, Kevin Jesmonth,  Jeff Kelleher, Martin Klueh, Lesley Knaack, Bob Lemons, Maureen Murphy, Erin Nettleton, Kay Niemasik, Dan Patrylak, Brian Perchal, Jeanne G Pocius Dorismond, Kelly L Watkins, David Wharton, Jessie Wills

Heather Beyrent Doughty, Jessica Morrissette, Kurt Scimone

Sharon Curley

Jackie Harris-Stone, Gary Kirsch, Bill Morgan, Keith Morrissette

Bonnie Denton, John Hart, Vinny LaMonica, Derek Pirruccello

Samantha Lake, Peter Lillpopp

Greg Hoyt, Dane Scozzari, Orville Terwilleger

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